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Can Backpack Handbag Still Be Feminine?

In the past, the backpack is a staple man’s stuff because of its sporty look. For women, on the other hand, carrying a handbag is usually part of her fashion style. However, after the delineation line between the two genders vanished unisex items became widely acceptable as fashion statement. Today , women are also avid users of the backpacks because they prefer something practical to use that does not get on their way as they go about doing their thing. Therefore, we see some women carrying a backpack handbag, which allows them to move more freely especially in the outdoor.


The Leather Backpack


There is nothing more dismal for a trendy woman than to be criticized as being unfriendly with ecology. There are claims that the use of leather as material for making a fashionable and upscale bag serves to make both the manufacturer and patron less concerned about the environment. This issue has somehow affected the production of backpacks because leather is one of the most valued materials used in creating the bag. Leather makes anything durable and classic. A leather backpack is no exception that is why women patronize it despite the pricey tag attached to it. When a woman carries one of these leather backpacks on her back, she is not only carrying a bag that is stylish in itself but she is also carrying herself as an image of sophistication.


Today’s leather backpacks are produced using recycled leather. This is more acceptable with the environmentalists because the leather backpack has joined their cause. It becomes eco-friendly yet it remains fashionable and practical. Amazing how fashion can adjust its ways in order to satisfy the passion of a woman to catch the trend. With this innovation, it proves that nothing is lost when there is a good reason to compromise.


The Fashionable Backpack Handbag


Backpacks have become a fashion craze. You can check this website for their Kaukko backpack reviews. The design and functionality of these bags have made them a favorite among children, students, teenagers, and travelers. Women covet them because they are sure to find the design or style they desire to fit their taste and usage. There is the pear-shaped backpack made with a single strap to enable the user to carry it on her side and keep sight of the bag always. Another style appears as a teardrop shaped bag usually hung over the shoulders just like the way a backpack is worn. This is just a smaller version and less massive but has enough space to contain necessities.


Wearing a backpack handbag allows the figure of the woman to be fully enhanced. It emphasizes and compliments the shape of the feminine body. When slung at the back, the weight of the bag tends to make the straps stretch the clothes snugly to the body thus accentuating the woman’s figure. The backpack also allows the woman to move freely. Because the bag is worn at the back, there is nothing that obstructs her hands; thus, she can now use to hold other things such as inspecting an item she intends to buy. When she is with somebody whom she wants to snuggle closer there is virtually nothing to get in between them.