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What to Avoid in Green Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

Green smoothies are the perfect solution for burning fats in the body. They are rich in nutrients, packed with fibers, and low in fat. However, not all green smoothies recipes are created equal. Some are prepared as energy drinks while others are green smoothie recipes for weight loss. If you tend to be on the heavier side and want to lose weight, try shaking off those excess pounds by drinking the delectable concoction and see your body becomes fit in no time at all.

Generally, all fruits and vegetables make up as ideal ingredients for green smoothie recipes for weight loss. However, a few have more nutritional values, lower calorie count, and are higher in fiber content which aisall “good kick start items” for weight loss. Some of the best line-up includes pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, bananas, oranges, pomegranates, strawberries, and all kinds of green, leafy vegetables. While these are all great fat-burning foods, there are also some items that must be avoided as a bane to green smoothies meant for weight loss.

Food Items to Avoid in Green Smoothies for Weight Loss

  • Dairy Products

Yogurt and milk may be healthy, but these foods have an excessive amount of fat, hormones, and other artificial additives that can render all weight loss efforts futile. Use fruits and vegetables that can provide the body with its calcium requirement. Dandelion greens, oranges, figs, and chia seeds are good smoothie ingredients with more calcium content than a glassful of milk.

  • Fats

Limit the amount of fatty substance in the smoothie. Too much fat can cause gas and bloating. It can also deter the body’s natural ability to consume the carbohydrates found in fruits leading to weight gain. A tablespoon of flax seeds or a 1/8 piece of avocado is enough lining for green smoothies.

  • Sweeteners

Putting in refined, concentrated, or processed sugar negates the purpose of losing weight. Instead, use fruits with natural sugar to sweeten smoothies. Syrup, honey, and other sugary items can turn an otherwise healthy smoothie into a disaster. If there is the necessity to add sugar, try raisin, plums, or dates. However, learn to wean away from these items quickly enough since they contain concentrated sugar.

  • Processed Juice and Plant Milks

These drinks are processed using lots of sugars and preservatives. Extract fresh juice from fresh citrus or you can make your own milk from almond hemp, coconut or rice using a blender and strainer. You can learn more here about the blender you can use for smoothie recipes.

  • Canned or Packaged Foods

Avoid foods packed in cans, bottles, or sachets. They are soaked in light to heavy syrup to preserve them but their freshness is not anywhere near newly harvested fruits and vegetables. Always use fresh or frozen ingredients.

  • Powdered Foods

Avoid using lots of powdered greens and superfoods that carry empty promises of nutritional supplements. In truth, they have been dehydrated so they cannot be considered as whole food.

While green smoothie recipes for weight loss can certainly help in losing extra fat, it is also important to consider other nutritious food items. Green smoothies can only be part of a healthy diet meant to keep you in good size and shape and, therefore, it must not be completely relied on to provide all of the food requirements of the body.