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Men Have Ingrown Hair Issues Too

men hv ingrowth hair


Hair is often trapped inside skin follicles after shaving or waxing and Men have ingrown hair issues too. It makes its way back into the skin causing redness and scars. Sometimes, skin is infected causing razor bumps. It becomes necessary to follow a correct procedure of removing hair to prevent ingrown hairs. You can read more at best epilator.

Let’s go over some tips on how to prevent ingrown hairs in men

Avoid a close shave.

Don’t shave too closely. Small hair is often left inside the skin while shaving closely. This allows hair to dig in further, giving rise to razor bumps. Try to smoothly use your razor while shaving and avoid going over the skin several times.

Adopt the right technique.

Don’t pull your skin while shaving. Avoid applying too much pressure with your blades. Opt for a branded, good-quality razor that has a single blade. Adopt this procedure every morning.

Wax with care.

In case you resort to waxing, make sure to use the right technique it as well. The wax is applied in the same direction as hair but pulled in a reverse manner. Exfoliate (remove dead cells on the skin) your skin at least a couple of days in advance. Similarly, repeat the exfoliating procedure two days after waxing.

Use the appropriate cream.

Use a cream that has a small amount of salicylic acid. The acid not only moistens the skin but exfoliates deeply. Be careful of using a cream which treats acne or pimples since it can over dry the skin and provoke ingrown hairs. Also, make sure to use cream that has no alcohol.

Exfoliate regularly.

Remove the dead skin using a soft-bristle brush and liquid cleansing solution. Exfoliation removes the dead cells, prevents hair in-growth, and improves skin.

Use tweezers.

Moisten the area with a cloth soaked in warm water. This will loosen the skin. Use tweezers to pull out the hair gently. Make sure to use sterilized tweezers to avoid infection.

Use antiseptic cream.

In case of infection, use antiseptic cream on effected parts. Use cream containing Tea Tree Oil. Reduce the redness with Witch Hazel cream.

Wear loose-fitting clothes.

To prevent ingrown hairs, you should allow your skin to breathe. It should receive enough air. This will prevent irritation and skin will show signs of improvement soon.

Maintain hygiene.

Apart from the body, make sure to keep the areas in and around the bump free from dust and dirt. Use a sponge or soft scrubber to remove dead cells. Use liquid soap and tepid water after shaving or waxing.

Take medical advice to prevent ingrown hairs.

If the situation is a chronic problem or gets infected more than usual, seek medical advice from a doctor. Razor bumps can damage the areas severely in the absence of proper care.

Placing a pealed potato slice raw side down on the area and taping it down for twenty four hours can help to speed up the process. Potatoes have starch in them that helps to draw the hair out faster. Once you have removed the potato you will need to use a disinfectant on the area.

You can get more information here on how to prevent ingrown hairs.

Some people prefer to remove the hair themselves. You can grab the side that is embedded in your skin with a pair of tweezers and lift it out, but be sure that you do not pluck the hair. Plucking the hair can cause it to grow back in much deeper than before. If you are having repeated problems with ingrown hair you may want to consult your physician. This may not be a serious life threatening problem but it can be very irritating and painful.