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Modern Dressing Advice for Men That Sets Off Manly Charm

Men are stereotyped when it comes to fashion and dressing. They are always thought to be uninterested about fashion trends. The normal shirt, jeans, and sneakers do not work anymore for the modern professional man. It is already the day and age when men should step out of their comfort zones and dress up to the nines. To look good means to feel good. Therefore, a man that looks good will feel his best and will embody the confidence of a true man. Dressing advice for men is absolutely needed to enhance the look of a man and to ooze with sex appeal and manly charm.

The Social Perception that Affects Men’s Psyche

For some people, men who like to wear fashionable outfits or who like to dress up are perceived as effeminate and are much more connected to their feminine side. They are sometimes misconstrued as gay. This is the reason why certain fashionable men try very hard to quell their urge for fashion. This is one of those stereotypes that are slowly being watered down in the society nowadays.

Basic Rules to Follow

Dressing advice for men involves certain rules that men must follow.

  • When dressing up it is always important to know where you are going, what things will be done and for how long will the event last. The knowledge about the event will help a person prepare the perfect outfit that will not just be fashionable but also comfortable. Men should always feel comfortable in whatever they wear in order to sell themselves as confident men.
  • It is also important to dress for the job. For example, if a man’s job is active labor or outdoor, it is much better to wear something that a man can move freely. In addition, when a man is working in the corporate field it is advisable to wear something decent and professional like a suit. It is always important to wear the appropriate clothes for the appropriate job description.
  • When dressing up, grooming is as important. This means having a nice hairstyle and being well-shaven. Dressing up does not just mean having to wear clean and fashionable clothes all the time. Dressing up means becoming the total package, this can be attained by looking into the details of dressing up. A nice, clean haircut would certainly work for any man. Get rid of that growing beard and mustache and replace it with a clean cut look. You can check out the best mens electric razor at This will not just let other people see that gorgeous face, but it will also emphasize grooming on your part. Yes, a sexy beard is something but a woman needs a man and not a rock star.

Men as well as women should not just dress up because of the pressure of society but they should dress up in order to feel good about themselves. When a person feels good, they exhibit a positive vibe that also attracts positive things and people. This means that a person who has a positive outlook on life is likely to experience positive things happening on a daily basis. Live extraordinarily, look your best every day and for sure great things are on your way.

How To Trim Your Beard For 2017

Getting to that day when he has to shave for the first time is a major goal of young males everywhere. After all, facial hair made you look cool and grown up. But as all adult men know, once that day comes shaving becomes a daily drudgery for the next 70-80 years.

Face it, no pun intended, shaving every day can be annoying, especially if you want to keep that smooth baby face.

Fortunately for the guys, facial hair has become more acceptable and even trendy in recent years. Many men, particularly the young or young at heart are finding it preferable to keep some facial hair, whether it’s a 5 o’clock shadow or a full beard. But unless you’re ZZ Top or Moses, keeping your beard properly trimmed should be an important part of your daily grooming routine.

For the clean-shaven face, the traditional razor will work just fine. But if you want to keep some facial hair and not look like you’re auditioning for the Caveman commercials, a beard trimmer is a necessary investment.

Beard trimmers work on the same principle as electric razors. But the guards keep the internal blades from cutting too closely. The guards work to trim the hair to the length of that particular guard while shielding your face from the cutting edges. That’s important because nobody wants to walk out the door with a face full of toilet paper splotches.

There are many models to choose from, among the best beard trimmers, and there’s plenty of research available on the web.

Know these things when purchasing

– What are the features and accessories that come with the model, such as a carrying case?

– Do you have to plug it in or is it cordless? Cordless models are typically the most expensive, but there’s a lot to be said for the added convenience.

– Is it battery operated or rechargeable?

– How much does it cost? Just keep in mind that, as with anything, more money doesn’t always translate to more quality.

Once you have made your purchase and have that trusty little appliance in hand, you’ll want to…

Consider these useful tips

If you want to keep a simple, clean 5 o’clock shadow, simply remove the guard from your trimmer and shave from the ear down. This will leave a short, the even shadow around your chin. But you’ll need to do daily maintenance to clean up that chin strap.

  1. For a longer beard, keeping it even is the key to keeping it neat. There are adjustable settings or guards on your trimmer that will keep your beard trimmed to just your preferred length.
  2. On a side note, to keep your beard softer and easier to shave, use shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis. There are cordless models available for wet trimming that you can use in the shower, but keep in mind that presents the added challenge of using a mirror in the shower.
  3. When using the beard trimmer, hold it at a consistent angle to your skin, then use long, smooth strokes. Start at the edge of your beard, just below the ear and work across your face.
  4. Don’t be a pig, even if you live alone. Have a wastebasket or a towel handy to catch the trimmings.
  5. Shave any areas where you don’t want hair and clean along your neckline with a traditional razor. That will help to define better the areas you need to trim.
  6. Keep your beard trimmer in good working order by oiling it regularly and brushing the hair out of the tips.
  7. Using your beard trimmer when it’s not fully charged can cause discomfort and irritate your skin. So take care to follow the instructions when caring for your trimmer and your face.

Men Have Ingrown Hair Issues Too

men hv ingrowth hair


Hair is often trapped inside skin follicles after shaving or waxing and Men have ingrown hair issues too. It makes its way back into the skin causing redness and scars. Sometimes, skin is infected causing razor bumps. It becomes necessary to follow a correct procedure of removing hair to prevent ingrown hairs. You can read more at best epilator.

Let’s go over some tips on how to prevent ingrown hairs in men

Avoid a close shave.

Don’t shave too closely. Small hair is often left inside the skin while shaving closely. This allows hair to dig in further, giving rise to razor bumps. Try to smoothly use your razor while shaving and avoid going over the skin several times.

Adopt the right technique.

Don’t pull your skin while shaving. Avoid applying too much pressure with your blades. Opt for a branded, good-quality razor that has a single blade. Adopt this procedure every morning.

Wax with care.

In case you resort to waxing, make sure to use the right technique it as well. The wax is applied in the same direction as hair but pulled in a reverse manner. Exfoliate (remove dead cells on the skin) your skin at least a couple of days in advance. Similarly, repeat the exfoliating procedure two days after waxing.

Use the appropriate cream.

Use a cream that has a small amount of salicylic acid. The acid not only moistens the skin but exfoliates deeply. Be careful of using a cream which treats acne or pimples since it can over dry the skin and provoke ingrown hairs. Also, make sure to use cream that has no alcohol.

Exfoliate regularly.

Remove the dead skin using a soft-bristle brush and liquid cleansing solution. Exfoliation removes the dead cells, prevents hair in-growth, and improves skin.

Use tweezers.

Moisten the area with a cloth soaked in warm water. This will loosen the skin. Use tweezers to pull out the hair gently. Make sure to use sterilized tweezers to avoid infection.

Use antiseptic cream.

In case of infection, use antiseptic cream on effected parts. Use cream containing Tea Tree Oil. Reduce the redness with Witch Hazel cream.

Wear loose-fitting clothes.

To prevent ingrown hairs, you should allow your skin to breathe. It should receive enough air. This will prevent irritation and skin will show signs of improvement soon.

Maintain hygiene.

Apart from the body, make sure to keep the areas in and around the bump free from dust and dirt. Use a sponge or soft scrubber to remove dead cells. Use liquid soap and tepid water after shaving or waxing.

Take medical advice to prevent ingrown hairs.

If the situation is a chronic problem or gets infected more than usual, seek medical advice from a doctor. Razor bumps can damage the areas severely in the absence of proper care.

Placing a pealed potato slice raw side down on the area and taping it down for twenty four hours can help to speed up the process. Potatoes have starch in them that helps to draw the hair out faster. Once you have removed the potato you will need to use a disinfectant on the area.

You can get more information here on how to prevent ingrown hairs.

Some people prefer to remove the hair themselves. You can grab the side that is embedded in your skin with a pair of tweezers and lift it out, but be sure that you do not pluck the hair. Plucking the hair can cause it to grow back in much deeper than before. If you are having repeated problems with ingrown hair you may want to consult your physician. This may not be a serious life threatening problem but it can be very irritating and painful.

Are Lederhosen For Men And Women?


What is Lederhosen costume?

Lederhosen are unique costumes made of leather. It was designed with an aim of being worn during hard physical work. They are made of durable and tough material which is very easy to clean. Nowadays lederhosen are worn for leisure. This garment is considered among the best traditional German costume at it can be bought on Wiesn-shop. This costume was considered more popular amount Bavaria and Germans traditions during past centuries.

Who wears lederhosen costume?

For many past years this unique garment has been worn by males only. Recently, women have started embracing this new fashion of lederhosen pants. In recent past female used to wear dirndl, the counter part of lederhosen but this culture has ended up nowadays. The world well known Munich Oktoberfest is more preferred by most women recently as compared to the old dirndl.

Girls in Lederhosen

The latest lederhosen for female are designed very beautifully and more women have embraced it as any other costume in fashion. The lederhosen pant for girls has very special qualities that have enabled it to be loved by its fans.

Lederhosen female design

Just like men lederhosen pant, the girls’ lederhosen is designed with a strong hard leather fabric which is easy to clean. Female lederhosen have been improved by adding female features to its design and making them with different colors. This new look of lederhosen Oktoberfest costume is worn by girls during Germany October traditional festivals or any other important ceremony.

Both traditional and modern design

The lederhosen for girls have overall appearance like that of male. However, the designer has ensured that taste and figure for women are adjusted. The lederhosen have been cut to perfectly fit woman body just like men. The both lederhosen for men and women maintain the German trademark flap in the front part.

Feminine touch lederhosen costume

The lederhosen garment has particular features apart from sexy female cut to fit female body. It is made with different coloration which is attractive to most women. These designs come with embroideries in colors just chosen for the girls lederhosen such as purple, red and pink. These colors are typically loved by women and look sexy when women wear them.

Unique choice of Lederhosen Oktoberfest

Just a few years ago, it was unimaginable a woman wearing lederhosen but now that myth is no more today. Most women look more stunning and sexy when wearing lederhosen pants as compared to the famous classical dirndl.

When a woman wears lederhosen Oktoberfest garment, most men considers the outfit perfect and sexy. This looks comes out after designer makes a sexy cut of lederhosen Oktoberfest and add unique colors which makes every woman young and more beautiful. To learn more about women German costumes, visit some of official Bavarian websites.


Lederhosen attire is today a fashionable design for both male and female. Both lederhosen costumes have been found to almost identical looks. The German trademark in the front for both male and female pants has proven that lederhosen are lederhosen no matter which gender is wearing it.

Although women know that lederhosen were traditional outfit they have embraced it as a new fashion and they know they look beautiful when wearing it.

Shaving Like A Gentleman Using A Straight Razor

Shaving with a straight razor

Recent trends have seen men going back to straight razors for shaving. Although may be seen as a backward trend, there are a lot of benefits and that’s why men prefer the straight razors. Some of the reasons why should use the razors are:

  1. Minimal skin irritation. This may be the opposite of your expectation but it is the truth. The blade is so sharp and as such the number of passes on your skin is so minimal during a complete shave. As such the chances of getting skin irritation is low.
  2. Low risk of hurting yourself. When used correctly, the razor cannot hurt you. You just need to drag the razor vertically and you are secure with n fears of having cuts on your skin.
  3. The razors give you a close shave. The sharpness of these razors is the best among the alternatives for your shaving. The results are thus amazing and you get this smooth baby face you have always dreamed of.

Due to the highlighted benefits of using straight razors, the question is ‘How a real gentleman shaves (using a straight razor) ’. LuxuryShaves has compiled the answers to your nagging questions for you to have the best experience;

How to shave using a straight razor?

Get a sharp razor. Most people’s perception is that sharper blades result to more cuts, this is not the case. A blade that is not sharp is the one that is most likely to hurt you. This is because there will be a lot of snags on your beard which if you are not keen on controlling will lead to cuts and nicks.

Strop your blade at the edges. This demands that you buy a strop; made up of a canvas and a strip of leather which is double-sided. The blade is run forward and backwards on the strop to make a full lap. As such, 20 to 30 laps are required whereby the canvass side precedes the laps on the leather side. Stropping is very important as it helps in restoration of the edges in between shaves as well as getting rid of the residue that might stick on the blades.

Take a shower to open skin pores. Very important and remember to have a shaving cream or soap when having this shave but don’t be misguided to use the conventional gels or shaving foams that are used with disposable razors. This is because such gels don’t provide any protection to your skin when using a straight razor and you might get irritation. The choice of shaving creams is mostly based on personal preferences but as you continue using the straight razor, you shall get what suits you best.

You need a shaving brush. Soak your brush in hot water and shake off the excess after which you add a small spot of shaving cream on it. Scrub your face gently using this brush until neck and face regions have a coating that is consistent.

Ready for the shave. Pull your skin tightly using one hand while the other one holds the razor and have a downwards shave on your skin. Always make sure you hold the skin tightly during each stroke to avoid cuts. Make sure your razor is at approximately 30 degrees or lower from your face during the exercise.

Learning the process

You might realize that you have left out some parts during the exercise when you are a learner. You can use a disposable razor to complete the exercise during the first days but you shall have complete shaves as days go by. Repeat the exercise in reverse direction, upward strokes and remember to hold the skin tightly. Once you are through, clean the blade and dry it using a towel and allow it to dry for some minutes.

Try the above procedure and you are guaranteed of success in using the straight razor and get the gentleman shave.

Learning how to use these razors is not an overnight job, but with patience, you surely get that smooth shave that others envy.