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What Is A Cigar Cutter & How Does It Work

To smoke a cigar requires many subtle steps that make the act somewhat of a ritual. One accessory that can make the steps easier and the entire experience more enjoyable is that of a cigar cutter. The cigar cutter is a vital tool to ensure that the cigar is properly prepared and without one make the experience completely different and often less memorable.

Quality Matters

It is important that you do not try to skimp on the purchase of a cutter as it will only end up bad for your experience. Many cheap cutters do not give near as precise a cut as a quality cutter and will end up costing you in the long run by ruining more cigars than the little bit of money saved was worth. A quality cutter should instead give you a precise and near perfect cut each time that will not spoil the cigar taste. The difference a quality cigar cutter makes will be immediately apparent the instance you take a draw on the cigar after lighting it.

A bad cut may damage the cigar by spoiling the cigar wrapper and dampen your whole mood. An inexperienced cigar smoker may not be able to tell the difference between a bad cut and a perfect cut, but once you have smoked a perfectly cut cigar you would never like to have a badly cut one. Cigar smoking is classy and you cannot afford to be thinking of saving money on the tit bits here and there by compromising on the cigar cutter.

There are a few variations that the cigarcutterexpert mentions. One is a guillotine, which is also called a straight cut, a punch cut, and a V cut, which is also called an English cutter.

Straight Cut Cigar Cutter

A straight cut cigar cutter is a very popular choice among smokers. This type uses a straight cut that exposes both ends of the cigar. Many users like the guillotine instead of a single blade because it has a finer type of cut. Scissors are sometimes utilized when trying for a straight cut. This is probably the best option for cutting the cigar exactly as you want it. Guillotine cigar cutters are wildly popular and cheaper. These can be pocketed for easy retrieval. Most connoisseurs want this type of cut because the end is exposed. They like it because they can clean it easily and don’t get a lot of edge buildup.

Punch Cutter

Cigar punches are used to make cuts as well. Bullet, Havana and multi-punches are available. The bullet punch can hang on your key ring. You can use this punch like a circular blade and hole cut the cap. Havana punches are also portable but maybe a little safer. It offers a button to push that activates the blade. Multi-punches are great if you are going to cut various types and sizes of cigars.

V Cut Cigar Cutter

Lastly presented is the V-cut. This type of cigar cutter looks like a guillotine cutter. With this though, you can wedge cut your cap instead of taking it off completely. It makes a clean cut. Many prefer v-cutters as they cut into the filler a little deeper than the straighter cutters, and they are superior with thicker cigars. It is important not to forget that a cheap cutter can make a messy cut, and then the cigar becomes quite difficult to enjoy.
If you are an aficionado, then you know that the perfect cigar needs the perfect cut in order to be enjoyed with all the flavor, aroma, perfection, quality, boldness and taste that it was meant to have the day it left the factory. This is why choosing the best cigar cutters is one of the greatest decisions a connoisseur can make in order to get maximum satisfaction from their favorite cigar.

Which Are The Best Door Lock Technologies?

Lately, the degree of insecurity have raised, guiding to the threshold into superior technological & engineering development to improve safety at all levels. This gave origin to the fingerprint door locks technology that has been used as the finest measure for both commercial and residential security in the recent years. The development became essential to make sure the wellbeing lives and possessions of real people from the dangers to the community.

This technology used for locks uses fingerprints to permit the access and only recorded fingerprints will be given admittance to offices or rooms that utilize this technology for defense. It’s a keyless lock which identifies the user’s finger print and changes it to a binary code that utilizes for identification to enable access. A detailed explanation can be found at

The control configuration of these door locks are well-built and uses the sensor which scans the fingers print, facial, palm print, etc. These sensors recognize the particular mappings of those prints then programs it to a control employing unique binary codes & store it to its database for later uses.

The great thing here is which it only permits prints which have been scanned & stored in its database access on detection. This signifies that only individuals that have been preauthorized can have access via biometric locks. It’s an excellent procedure for security reason due to no technology can trick on it since fingers print duplicate is almost unfeasible. With this, it provides extreme safety to offices and homes that use this technology for their security.

Types of Door Locks

Many forms of door closer will best fit your doors. And there are also specific types that can manage the amount of its traffic. Before installing it, you must predict the amount of traffic that this device will control so that you can install the right one for your door. There is one that is made with a design to endure severe traffic jam; it is compatible for main entrances of business offices, hotels, firms and the like. This kind of style can be used 300-400 times daily. There are also those styles that are for medium traffic that can be used for 50-100 times daily. Be sure to use the compatible closer for your convenience. For outside doors, a backpack is needed it is a third valve or control that is added to it so that the opening and closing of the door is not too quick.

Deadbolt Technology

The deadbolt technology is one of the best technologies; with only a stroke of your finger, you get access to the home or office. It can store more than 50 fingerprints within its memory and use the battery for its power requirements. Its battery last more than a year and are effortlessly consumable without the obligation to do any individual research or study on how it should be accomplished.

Biometric Locks

Biometric door locks are one of the finest security selections according to MySecureLocks following the degree of technology it employed & the contentment it offers to the consumer. With finger lock door, the user can only go to sleep with the assurance in mind that all is well. It’s suggested for all type of users, official, business, residential and so on. Fingerprint door lock can be your best mate when it is all about safety and wellbeing of your family and property.

How To Pick A Train Table For Your Hobby

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Are you looking for one gift that would fit boys and girls, while one that is fit for any age? Perhaps you are looking for one that is too precious to forget and one that would be too classy to hide? Give them a wooden train table and a train set like thomas the train set. However, there are some simple things you still need to consider when getting the perfect wooden train table; this would truly make it memorable for you and gift receiver. Training tables, which are also called modular tables or conference tables, can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. Because they can be fairly expensive, it is rare that a company goes looking for them. But if you are starting a new company or moving into new offices, you might want to invest in training tables.

What Are They?

These are tables that are designed to be set up and moved at any time and are often used in training situations or other meetings where there will be lots of people. The most common kind is made from wood with a laminated top and metal legs that fold in so that the table can be stored in the smallest area possible.

Where Can You Find Them?

If you are looking for training tables in your local office supply store, you will end up paying a small fortune if you are trying to buy more than one. These are often very expensive, in part because they are heavy, but also because these kinds of stores just don’t sell a lot of them. Furniture stores don’t sell this kind of table either, so you will have to shop online.

What to Look For Online

When you shop online, you will first notice that there are more than a dozen different kinds of training tables, some of which are probably more attractive than you have seen before. These come in a variety of colors from black to brown, and blonde to gray.

More Advanced Models

In recent years, because of the number of computers in use during training, there are also training tables that are split level so that the monitor can sit up higher and there is space below for the computer. You will also find that there are more modular training tables that are designed to allow you to put the tables in more of a circle without compromising the seating arrangements.


If there is one thing that is always important with training tables, it is storage. Unless your tables are up in the room all the time, such as in a permanent classroom, you may find that you want to take them to another room or store them away completely. Because of this, some models like the have the ability to fold up and store together, either in a rack or connected to each other so that you can move several of them at once. Or some tables like the thomas train table have small drawers for storing train sets and other parts.




What To Know When Building A Chicken Coop

As you probably know, a chicken coop can be a very important part of raising backyard chickens.This can present your flock with warm shelter and a safe and sound place to eat and sleep. Although, not many of us need to invest in a pre-made chicken coop for various reasons which include: inflated expense plus the problems of delivery or bringing it home. Below are points on What to know when building a chicken coop.

The Size

You want your chicken to be comfortable, and thus you make sure they have enough space. That’s why you need to know how many hens you’ll put in there. If the place is too crowded the hygiene will suffer and most likely your chickens will get ill and so will you.

How to minimize your work

Since you’ll have a lot of work at the chicken coop, you need to find some ways that will help you minimize the work done. For example, you could build a slanted floor to clean the house easier.

Since you’re not the first in this field, you could learn from the people that already have a Chicken Coop. Learn from their experience to avoid some nasty mistakes and minimize your work.

The Location

You must pick up a proper location for your Chicken Coop since this is probably the most important thing if you want to get the max from your hen house. If you have too little sunlight your egg production will suffer, if you have too much, your chicken will suffer.

Another thing you must remember is to ensure that your coop stays clean after a heavy rain. For this, you must put your Chicken Coop on top of a hill and not at his bottom.


You need to protect your chickens from wild animals and pet predators. Foxes, cats, dogs or badgers, they’re all a threat to your chickens. That’s why you need to be sure that no one will hurt your hen house. And for that, besides fences you need take all the precautions to prevent some predators from digging their way into the hen house.

The last thing you want is to wake up one morning and see all your chicken slain.

The Design

Even if you don’t find the design so important, trust us when we tell you that it is. You don’t want a hideous coop in your backyard, do you? This applies to your neighbors too. For this reason, you must choose a chicken coop that looks pretty nice so that everyone could live with that building around. If you do this right, your neighbors will surely envy you for this awesome looking hen house.

It’s now time to build a lawn chicken coop. You’ve accomplished all your planning ahead of time. You’ve selected a terrain convenient to maneuver around with outstanding sunlight and free from predators. You have drawn out your chicken coop plans layout on paper and also you have gathered all your material. Some things to bear in mind: Provide heaps of ventilation through screened windows, bury your exterior chicken wire straight down the coop’s borders about a foot deep to stop predators from digging in, and if you live in cold climates, make certain to properly insulate the roof and insides within your coop.

Five Things To Know About Your Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is a tool used to precisely tighten up nuts and bolts. This is used when the tightening required is to a particular load so that the nuts and bolts do not break or become loose over a period of time. Automotive garages to household use one can see many situations where the toptorquewrench is going to be handy. It is a calibrated tool which works with formula t = f x l. that means the amount of torque purely depends on the length of the wrench and the force you apply on the handle.

The main five things you need to understand about a torque wrench are as given below:


Storing a torque wrench in a place like an automotive garage where it is being put to use on every day, you need not wound back. But if you are going to keep it aside for a longer period of time it needs to be wound back to a minimum level.

Minimum Level

Minimum level means not zero. Wounding back to scale setting of zero and keeping it aside also is as damaging as not winding back. In both cases, the spring and other parts inside the wrench might get disoriented which makes the torque wrench weak or not functioning at all.


One Click is more than sufficient as said earlier it is a calibrated tool. The torque required can be set and one click will do the job. If you click it multiple times that may bring in more torque which makes the bolts damaged.


Direction Most torque wrenches are designed for clockwise direction use and if a particular demand comes in where the screw thread is anti-clockwise, read the user manual first of the torque wrench. This is to understand whether the wrench supports this anti-clockwise direction or not. If it doesn’t support and you use it for anti-clockwise it may destroy the wrench completely. Know about marked loading point torque wrenches work on the length of the wrench plus the force applied. If you closely look at the handle there is a point known as marked loading point. Most people tend to ignore at use handle directly. But according to the calibration, if you place your hand on the marked loading point, it will yield the best possible result.Unbolting using torque wrench.


The whole success while unbolting using a torque wrench is not over doing it. If the screw is not completely out with the maximum torque then it is always better to use another tool. If you overdo it while loosening the bolt you can damage the wrench. On using in such a way the accuracy can be disturbed and this can create problems while using it in the future. Also be cautious while using the torque wrench in many other situations like adding a handle extension, and when handling crow foot like situations. Also one need to understand that, there are different types of torque wrenches available in the market for different kind of uses. Some of the common types available are a beam, deflecting beam, slipper, and click. Electronic torque wrenches, hydraulic torque wrenches, and mechanical torque wrenches are also available. The idea is to choose the best one suitable for your use.


How To Trim Your Beard For 2017

Getting to that day when he has to shave for the first time is a major goal of young males everywhere. After all, facial hair made you look cool and grown up. But as all adult men know, once that day comes shaving becomes a daily drudgery for the next 70-80 years.

Face it, no pun intended, shaving every day can be annoying, especially if you want to keep that smooth baby face.

Fortunately for the guys, facial hair has become more acceptable and even trendy in recent years. Many men, particularly the young or young at heart are finding it preferable to keep some facial hair, whether it’s a 5 o’clock shadow or a full beard. But unless you’re ZZ Top or Moses, keeping your beard properly trimmed should be an important part of your daily grooming routine.

For the clean-shaven face, the traditional razor will work just fine. But if you want to keep some facial hair and not look like you’re auditioning for the Caveman commercials, a beard trimmer is a necessary investment.

Beard trimmers work on the same principle as electric razors. But the guards keep the internal blades from cutting too closely. The guards work to trim the hair to the length of that particular guard while shielding your face from the cutting edges. That’s important because nobody wants to walk out the door with a face full of toilet paper splotches.

There are many models to choose from, among the best beard trimmers, and there’s plenty of research available on the web.

Know these things when purchasing

– What are the features and accessories that come with the model, such as a carrying case?

– Do you have to plug it in or is it cordless? Cordless models are typically the most expensive, but there’s a lot to be said for the added convenience.

– Is it battery operated or rechargeable?

– How much does it cost? Just keep in mind that, as with anything, more money doesn’t always translate to more quality.

Once you have made your purchase and have that trusty little appliance in hand, you’ll want to…

Consider these useful tips

If you want to keep a simple, clean 5 o’clock shadow, simply remove the guard from your trimmer and shave from the ear down. This will leave a short, the even shadow around your chin. But you’ll need to do daily maintenance to clean up that chin strap.

  1. For a longer beard, keeping it even is the key to keeping it neat. There are adjustable settings or guards on your trimmer that will keep your beard trimmed to just your preferred length.
  2. On a side note, to keep your beard softer and easier to shave, use shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis. There are cordless models available for wet trimming that you can use in the shower, but keep in mind that presents the added challenge of using a mirror in the shower.
  3. When using the beard trimmer, hold it at a consistent angle to your skin, then use long, smooth strokes. Start at the edge of your beard, just below the ear and work across your face.
  4. Don’t be a pig, even if you live alone. Have a wastebasket or a towel handy to catch the trimmings.
  5. Shave any areas where you don’t want hair and clean along your neckline with a traditional razor. That will help to define better the areas you need to trim.
  6. Keep your beard trimmer in good working order by oiling it regularly and brushing the hair out of the tips.
  7. Using your beard trimmer when it’s not fully charged can cause discomfort and irritate your skin. So take care to follow the instructions when caring for your trimmer and your face.

What Is A Rangefinder And How It Helps Your Golfing And Hunting Skills


A rangefinder is a focusing equipment that will allow the viewer to measure the subject distance while fine tuning it to a crystal clear focus. Today, the rangefinder is fairly a versatile device. Not merely is it applied for military and law enforcement use, but also for photographers, surveyors, 3D modeling, hunting, and sports.

It does not matter if you’re an inexperienced golf player or someone who has already been through thousands of golf courses in recent years, you will find a rangefinder at to be a very useful tool to rev up your game. There is no exception. Everyone will surely appreciate the benefits that the device can give.

Know the Distances

The ultimate benefit that you can get from having a good rangefinder is the advantage of knowing how far you are from the next hole or the end of the green in front, middle and back. With a golf rangefinder , you will no longer have to walk off just to determine the distance, or search for markers for yardages and wonder if the flag is 110 yards away or just nearly below 120.

Save your energy

You will save your physical energy and get the information right away with a simple glance on the device. You can use the rangefinder to find the distance to anything – a tree, a creek, rock, a river, you name it. New and old players would certainly be grateful for the device if they can have an idea of how far the hazards are from their tee positions.

Lower Your Stroke Scores

Everybody loves to reach the last hole with the fewest strokes. Purchase a golf rangefinder that you can use even in tournaments, and you will significantly cut down your score.

All you have to do is familiarize yourself with different terrains in different golf courses, plan out how you can hit the holes without making too many strokes, and apply the right force commensurate to the distance that the golf rangefinder will give you each time. You will surely make a significant progress and feel more confident with your strokes.

Speed up your game

With a golf rangefinder, you will be able to speed up your game. To know more about that, click here. Gone are the days when you waste time trying to figure out how many strokes you should do for the next hole, or how strong you should hit the ball. The distance numbers on the watch’s screen are all that you will need to make quick decisions.

In Hunting and Archery

If you’re into sports that demand a lot more accuracy and precision which include hunting and archery, then a rangefinder could just do the trick. Most of the rangefinders put to use in sports are very technologically advanced and have technical functions. For example, a rangefinder’s hunting abilities can surpass the most exceptional hunting professional equipment. Instant speed/distance measurement of as much as 4000 yards, particular target settings, compass-like functions, internal reticles, multi-coated optics and single-button operation are just some of the several astounding features of the sporty rangefinder. Moreover, the device is practically built to last and can endure any harsh climate and weather situation.

You see, there are always many decisions that you have to make in a single game. If you can reduce the time spent for each decision to make, you will be able to finish earlier than you used to.

How Does A Pressure Washer Clean?


A pressure washer is a great tool for jobs around the house. You can rent or buy one from sites like depending on how much use you think you might get out of it. Pressure washers come in a variety of sizes for different jobs. This article will provide you with some tips on choosing the right washer for your application and also provide some advice on how to use it.

Types of pressure washers

There are two main types of pressure washers ” electric and gasoline powered. The electronic units are smaller and less powerful. They are perfect for small jobs, like washing vehicles. An electric pressure washer will help you quickly take the grime off cars and boats and even your grill. Their lower power is an advantage in this situation because you do not have to worry about taking off paint.

Small electric pressure washers are reasonably priced. They are also small enough to store easily in the garage or shed. They can be carried with one hand, usually by an integral handle built into the washers case. If you intend to tackle small jobs like this on a regular basis, then an electric pressure washer is a good choice for you.

On the other side of things is the gas powered washer; the smallest of these gas powered tools is more powerful than the biggest electric powered one. With the gas powered washers, the size of the motor determines the strength of the washer. The size of the washer that you want to get depends on the types of jobs that you want to do. There are units that are really big, that should primarily be used for commercial grade projects. These units tend to be more expensive

Applications of gas powered washers

Gas powered pressure washers are great for big projects like cleaning the outside of your house, your deck or cleaning the concrete in and around your home and garden. They clean so well that you can even clean the second story of your house from the ground level.

You need to be careful, however, because the washer is powerful enough to take off more than you intended with that strong stream of water. Professional painters often use pressure washers to strip the paint off the sides of brick and wooden buildings. Obviously, if you want to only clean the paint, you need to be careful. A big commercial unit can even eat right through concrete if you spray it from close range.

Using a pressure washer

Every pressure washer comes with a nozzle at the end that can be adjusted to the shape that you need. This also affects the power of the spray. You must adjust this carefully to get the right power. Pressure washers can also be dangerous, if pointed at someone, so always be careful when using them; high pressured water can be extremely painful when hitting the skin, even at a distance. It can cause bruising and even bleeding.

So, before you buy or rent a pressure washer, make a list of the jobs you would use it for over the next year. The types of jobs on this list will tell you how big a unit you will need, and the number of employment on the list will tell you whether you should buy or rent one.

Practical Tips For Buying A Mig Welder



Types of Welding Machines

One of the most popular welders is an MIG welder. The Mig Welder uses Gas Metal Arc Welding which works by a wire which is fed through a welding gun. The wire is the electrode. At this instant, shielding gas flows through which protects the weld while it is setting and cooling down.
For this type of welding, carbon dioxide is most commonly used, one because it is the cheapest and two because it makes the great weld. Argon is also used because it makes a great mixture of carbon dioxide. This creates less “spatter” which in turn makes the weld cleaner. Using argon has alone will create the best weld with aluminum.

Over other processes of welding, the GMAW method has many advantages such as the welding gun itself which has a control on the trigger which will position the electrode without accidentally hitting one of the arcs. Once you have positioned the gun in the right place, all that left to do is put your helmet on and pull the trigger.

To make the welds smooth and clean use the inert shielding gasses, and there is normally no slag to chip off. Thinner metals and weld sheet metal suit best mig welder, because they can be welded at a much lower amp than other welders. MIG welders strike the welding arc using DC. Alternating current usually doesn’t give you a steady arc when welding.

The tensioner on the wire is variable, and you can also control the flow of the gas with a valve. Also adjusting the voltage of the MIG welder as well as the power as the wire feeds through is very useful for creating clean welds.

You can use a MIG welder without shielding gas, and this is called flux cored arc welding, FCAW. There is an option of switching the polarity of the arc for the flux cored wire. The process requires that the wire has a hollow core filled with flux for better effectiveness.

How To Use A Mig Welder

The first thing you need to do is purchase an MIG welder and the proper gear. Mig welding is probably one of the easiest types of welding to learn, but you should practice on scrap metal before working on your favorite project.
Always purchase the proper safety gear. At the top of the list, should be a welding helmet. I would recommend an auto darkening welding helmet, which is battery operated. You also need to cover your whole body with proper clothing and gloves because the welder will give off sparks that can burn your skin.

Next, pick a suitable location to start welding. A large concrete work floor, such as your driveway, is always a good place. Remember that using a welder always has a fire hazard because the sparks it gives off generate heat, so keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher nearby at all times.

Now you are ready to start operating the MIG welder. There are three main things you need to consider. These are the tip voltage, feed rate and how fast you move the tip. How you adjust these three factors will determine how good the weld is.

The voltage controls the penetration, while the feed rate of the wire will adjust the arc length and the speed at which you move the tip controls the transfer of metal to your work area. If the voltage is lowered, the weld will sit on top and too high will result in just creating a hole. This is why you need to practice, to get a good feel for it.

Now you need to find a good speed to move the tip. If the tip moves too fast, you will hear loud popping noises and lose the arc. If you move it too slow, the tip might melt and fuse to your work, which is a real hassle. Again, practice is critical, and it is not that hard after a few tries.

Now that you have experimented and found the correct voltage and feed rate and you feel comfortable using the MIG welder, it is time to start on the real thing. Remember that the key is to keep the tip moving consistently. You can view more on different sites. At first, it will seem a bit tricky, but after a while, you will be welding all kinds of things.

Picking A Turntable That Won’t Spoil Your Records


Many record enthusiasts who still use turntables to enjoy their music are turning to the Internet when shopping for a turntable belt and other turntable parts. There are lots more options for people when it comes to how they will listen to music than there were in the past, but that has not eliminated the love for the record. Vinyl is so popular that many famous artists continue to make releases in this format, despite the fact that they also sell digital and CD versions of their albums. One problem, though, is that finding important parts for turntables is harder now because there is less of a need for them; the Internet, however, is a good resource.

Let us look at the features and functions of some of the popular USB turntables in the market today, as described by a resource such as

USB Turntable w/ iPod Dock

This turntable allows the transfer of LP records directly to an iPod even without using a computer. This is quite easy with the built-in iPod dock of the unit. Just plug the iPod into its specific slot and play the vinyl of your choice and then press the record button.

Though it is designed for iPod connectivity, it can also be used alternatively with a computer. The Gracenote software is included for creating your playlist for playback. This can also be hooked up to any sound system and directly play your favorite LP. This device is Plug and Play compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. It comes with complete cables for computer and stereo component connection.

Stanton T90 USB Turntable

The Stanton T90 is one of the most full-featured among the turntables in the market. It is most favored by DJs who are searching for the best in quality audio. One of the features of the Stanton T90 is the software included. It is easy to use and can produce the best output quality.

Comparing to its predecessors, this turntable has the most feature which makes it an outstanding product for the professional audio system. The T90 model has a well-designed selector switch with a start and stops brakes. You can also control the speed of any song without affecting the pitch quality. The back portion consists of an RCA port, SPDIF coaxial port, on/off switch and the USB port for connectivity.

Regarding performance, the T90 turntable outperforms other models. The most significant in its performance is the sound quality it produces. The built-in audio card with the device is capable of recording with 16 bit at a quality of 44 kHz which can be increased to 48 kHz.

Since the Stanton T90 can be used for playback and recording, you can immediately play any of your digitized audio and know the results. A great advantage of this turntable is it can simultaneously mix any audio compilation from your computer and the turntable audio using the same output. This means you can combine analog and digital audio into one.

Regarding its design, this turntable has a sleek design with all its components placed in an ideal locations. The chassis of the turntable is made up of high-quality plastic. This is lighter than other models.