How To Choose And Maintain Your Electric Scooter Model

Everything wears out eventually. It’s a fact of life. Even our bodies, one of the greatest “machines” ever conceived, will wear out some day. But just as we can prolong the inevitable by taking care of our bodies, you can extend the life of your electric scooter by following proper maintenance techniques to keep it in good working order. The following guideline explains the maintenance and how to choose an electric scooter model.

Why your tires are extremely important

Every day in the life of your electric scooter, there are a couple of things you need to keep an eye on – the most important of which is your tires, according to experts at Without your tires, your electric scooter is nearly useless! You should check the tire pressure daily to make sure that they are maintaining the proper, factory recommended PSI. The similar tire gauge to use for your car can help accomplish this task. If your tires run underinflated, the engine has to work harder to accomplish the same tasks. If the engine works harder, its components are under more stress than usual, and being under more stress can wear them to their breaking point.

Maximize your battery life

If you’ve been storing or using your scooter in a hot place, you’ll need to let your battery cool down before charging. It is advisable that you bring the battery inside for a few hours before charging it. That way, you make sure to maximize the battery’s charge and prolong the battery’s overall life. Even rechargeable batteries wear down eventually.

Maintenance tips

In addition to the daily checkups that your scooter requires, there are certain tasks that you should only have to look at on a monthly basis. Much like maintaining a car, your scooter has many working parts that need to be examined on a regular basis to ensure that they are working properly.

Beyond checking the tire pressure of your wheels, you also need to take the time to check their alignment. If you lean your scooter bumps or shakes on relatively flat surfaces, this could be due to an alignment issue. For something like this, you should contact a repair specialist immediately.

The wiring on your battery should be connected properly and checked for corrosion on a regular basis. Corrosion could potentially leave you stranded if the electrical equipment in your scooter loses its connection to the battery. Much like a tire alignment issue, if you notice any corrosion, stop using your scooter and contact a repair specialist immediately.

The other main maintenance concerns are simple: Make sure all fuses are in good working order and don’t use the wrong style fuse in your scooter. Check all drive belts for wear-and-tear, and keep them properly lubricated to avoid damage. Make sure all nuts and bolts on your scooter are properly tightened. You may assume that if they were tight last month, they would still be tight this month, but the subtle vibrations of general use can loosen any of these parts over time. Make sure all cables and controls are properly attached and lubricated. An improperly connected brake line could lead to disaster. Finally, when cleaning your scooter, never spray it with a hose. Make sure you wipe it down with a damp cloth and avoid getting water on any of the electrical components.