Is There a Need for Wine Aerator: a Closer Look at Aerating Wine

Like most of the sommeliers do, wines sometimes need aerating, especially red wines. Looking into the science of aerating, it gives the wine a typically warm and a very nice aroma of soft and mellow characteristics of an overall flavor.

How does it work?

To get the perfect taste of wine, there are two major chemical reactions that must take place – oxidation and evaporation. Oxidation usually takes place when a compound is exposed to oxygen. Evaporation, on the other hand, is a process of turning the liquid into vapor. Since wine is composed of hundreds of compounds full of aromas, flavors, and including nasty smells from a decomposing fruit, the process of aerating enables the undesirable and volatile compounds to evaporate faster and leaving the desirable, flavorful, and aromatic compounds.

Aeration is mostly done through a traditional process of letting the wine sit and open in the glass before drinking it. Alternatively, there are also aeration devices that can be in the market to speed up the process of aeration. On the other note, choosing aeration device must be with enough consideration, with wine aerator reviews, you are able to choose the one with the best quality.

To provide clear explanations, below are the reasons why should wine be aerated:

  • It enhances the taste of the wine.

Through the process of oxidation, when the wine passes through an aeration device, it helps the flavors to soften and let the aromas of the wine bring into its potential.

  • Fast and efficient processes of letting the wines breathe.

The process of decanting can be time-consuming, where you need to let the bottle of wine sit in a decanter for thirty minutes of breathing before the actual wine consumption. However, with aeration process, you can enjoy the wine immediately with the same positive impact of decanting.

  • You will love every single drop of wine.

One of the old good reasons why you need to consume the entire wine when drinking and dining in a sophisticated wine and restaurant is because most of the wines are expensive and you can never take the wine home.

One of the reasons why most of these wines are thrown is because of the process of decanting. Decanting is done by opening the entire bottle for 30 minutes before the actual consumption. Thus, after your dinner, the expensive wines are left with less flavorful and reusing it would not be the best idea.

However, with aerator device, you can just open the bottle of wine without considering any breathing procedure. All you need to do is use the aerator device when pouring the wine into the bottle and return the cork into the bottle for next consumption.

  • It is a perfect gift for wine lovers.

Wine lovers know how effective aerator devices are, so by giving one, will make their wine experience more flavorful and enjoyable.

Now, with the given explanation on how aerator devices work; then, it is about time to enjoy the true flavor of the wine.