What Is A Cigar Cutter & How Does It Work

To smoke a cigar requires many subtle steps that make the act somewhat of a ritual. One accessory that can make the steps easier and the entire experience more enjoyable is that of a cigar cutter. The cigar cutter is a vital tool to ensure that the cigar is properly prepared and without one make the experience completely different and often less memorable.

Quality Matters

It is important that you do not try to skimp on the purchase of a cutter as it will only end up bad for your experience. Many cheap cutters do not give near as precise a cut as a quality cutter and will end up costing you in the long run by ruining more cigars than the little bit of money saved was worth. A quality cutter should instead give you a precise and near perfect cut each time that will not spoil the cigar taste. The difference a quality cigar cutter makes will be immediately apparent the instance you take a draw on the cigar after lighting it.

A bad cut may damage the cigar by spoiling the cigar wrapper and dampen your whole mood. An inexperienced cigar smoker may not be able to tell the difference between a bad cut and a perfect cut, but once you have smoked a perfectly cut cigar you would never like to have a badly cut one. Cigar smoking is classy and you cannot afford to be thinking of saving money on the tit bits here and there by compromising on the cigar cutter.

There are a few variations that the cigarcutterexpert mentions. One is a guillotine, which is also called a straight cut, a punch cut, and a V cut, which is also called an English cutter.

Straight Cut Cigar Cutter

A straight cut cigar cutter is a very popular choice among smokers. This type uses a straight cut that exposes both ends of the cigar. Many users like the guillotine instead of a single blade because it has a finer type of cut. Scissors are sometimes utilized when trying for a straight cut. This is probably the best option for cutting the cigar exactly as you want it. Guillotine cigar cutters are wildly popular and cheaper. These can be pocketed for easy retrieval. Most connoisseurs want this type of cut because the end is exposed. They like it because they can clean it easily and don’t get a lot of edge buildup.

Punch Cutter

Cigar punches are used to make cuts as well. Bullet, Havana and multi-punches are available. The bullet punch can hang on your key ring. You can use this punch like a circular blade and hole cut the cap. Havana punches are also portable but maybe a little safer. It offers a button to push that activates the blade. Multi-punches are great if you are going to cut various types and sizes of cigars.

V Cut Cigar Cutter

Lastly presented is the V-cut. This type of cigar cutter looks like a guillotine cutter. With this though, you can wedge cut your cap instead of taking it off completely. It makes a clean cut. Many prefer v-cutters as they cut into the filler a little deeper than the straighter cutters, and they are superior with thicker cigars. It is important not to forget that a cheap cutter can make a messy cut, and then the cigar becomes quite difficult to enjoy.
If you are an aficionado, then you know that the perfect cigar needs the perfect cut in order to be enjoyed with all the flavor, aroma, perfection, quality, boldness and taste that it was meant to have the day it left the factory. This is why choosing the best cigar cutters is one of the greatest decisions a connoisseur can make in order to get maximum satisfaction from their favorite cigar.