What To Know When Building A Chicken Coop

As you probably know, a chicken coop can be a very important part of raising backyard chickens.This can present your flock with warm shelter and a safe and sound place to eat and sleep. Although, not many of us need to invest in a pre-made chicken coop for various reasons which include: inflated expense plus the problems of delivery or bringing it home. Below are points on What to know when building a chicken coop.

The Size

You want your chicken to be comfortable, and thus you make sure they have enough space. That’s why you need to know how many hens you’ll put in there. If the place is too crowded the hygiene will suffer and most likely your chickens will get ill and so will you.

How to minimize your work

Since you’ll have a lot of work at the chicken coop, you need to find some ways that will help you minimize the work done. For example, you could build a slanted floor to clean the house easier.

Since you’re not the first in this field, you could learn from the people that already have a Chicken Coop. Learn from their experience to avoid some nasty mistakes and minimize your work.

The Location

You must pick up a proper location for your Chicken Coop since this is probably the most important thing if you want to get the max from your hen house. If you have too little sunlight your egg production will suffer, if you have too much, your chicken will suffer.

Another thing you must remember is to ensure that your coop stays clean after a heavy rain. For this, you must put your Chicken Coop on top of a hill and not at his bottom.


You need to protect your chickens from wild animals and pet predators. Foxes, cats, dogs or badgers, they’re all a threat to your chickens. That’s why you need to be sure that no one will hurt your hen house. And for that, besides fences you need take all the precautions to prevent some predators from digging their way into the hen house.

The last thing you want is to wake up one morning and see all your chicken slain.

The Design

Even if you don’t find the design so important, trust us when we tell you that it is. You don’t want a hideous coop in your backyard, do you? This applies to your neighbors too. For this reason, you must choose a chicken coop that looks pretty nice so that everyone could live with that building around. If you do this right, your neighbors will surely envy you for this awesome looking hen house.

It’s now time to build a lawn chicken coop. You’ve accomplished all your planning ahead of time. You’ve selected a terrain convenient to maneuver around with outstanding sunlight and free from predators. You have drawn out your chicken coop plans layout on paper and also you have gathered all your material. Some things to bear in mind: Provide heaps of ventilation through screened windows, bury your exterior chicken wire straight down the coop’s borders about a foot deep to stop predators from digging in, and if you live in cold climates, make certain to properly insulate the roof and insides within your coop.

Five Things To Know About Your Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is a tool used to precisely tighten up nuts and bolts. This is used when the tightening required is to a particular load so that the nuts and bolts do not break or become loose over a period of time. Automotive garages to household use one can see many situations where the toptorquewrench is going to be handy. It is a calibrated tool which works with formula t = f x l. that means the amount of torque purely depends on the length of the wrench and the force you apply on the handle.

The main five things you need to understand about a torque wrench are as given below:


Storing a torque wrench in a place like an automotive garage where it is being put to use on every day, you need not wound back. But if you are going to keep it aside for a longer period of time it needs to be wound back to a minimum level.

Minimum Level

Minimum level means not zero. Wounding back to scale setting of zero and keeping it aside also is as damaging as not winding back. In both cases, the spring and other parts inside the wrench might get disoriented which makes the torque wrench weak or not functioning at all.


One Click is more than sufficient as said earlier it is a calibrated tool. The torque required can be set and one click will do the job. If you click it multiple times that may bring in more torque which makes the bolts damaged.


Direction Most torque wrenches are designed for clockwise direction use and if a particular demand comes in where the screw thread is anti-clockwise, read the user manual first of the torque wrench. This is to understand whether the wrench supports this anti-clockwise direction or not. If it doesn’t support and you use it for anti-clockwise it may destroy the wrench completely. Know about marked loading point torque wrenches work on the length of the wrench plus the force applied. If you closely look at the handle there is a point known as marked loading point. Most people tend to ignore at use handle directly. But according to the calibration, if you place your hand on the marked loading point, it will yield the best possible result.Unbolting using torque wrench.


The whole success while unbolting using a torque wrench is not over doing it. If the screw is not completely out with the maximum torque then it is always better to use another tool. If you overdo it while loosening the bolt you can damage the wrench. On using in such a way the accuracy can be disturbed and this can create problems while using it in the future. Also be cautious while using the torque wrench in many other situations like adding a handle extension, and when handling crow foot like situations. Also one need to understand that, there are different types of torque wrenches available in the market for different kind of uses. Some of the common types available are a beam, deflecting beam, slipper, and click. Electronic torque wrenches, hydraulic torque wrenches, and mechanical torque wrenches are also available. The idea is to choose the best one suitable for your use.


How To Trim Your Beard For 2017

Getting to that day when he has to shave for the first time is a major goal of young males everywhere. After all, facial hair made you look cool and grown up. But as all adult men know, once that day comes shaving becomes a daily drudgery for the next 70-80 years.

Face it, no pun intended, shaving every day can be annoying, especially if you want to keep that smooth baby face.

Fortunately for the guys, facial hair has become more acceptable and even trendy in recent years. Many men, particularly the young or young at heart are finding it preferable to keep some facial hair, whether it’s a 5 o’clock shadow or a full beard. But unless you’re ZZ Top or Moses, keeping your beard properly trimmed should be an important part of your daily grooming routine.

For the clean-shaven face, the traditional razor will work just fine. But if you want to keep some facial hair and not look like you’re auditioning for the Caveman commercials, a beard trimmer is a necessary investment.

Beard trimmers work on the same principle as electric razors. But the guards keep the internal blades from cutting too closely. The guards work to trim the hair to the length of that particular guard while shielding your face from the cutting edges. That’s important because nobody wants to walk out the door with a face full of toilet paper splotches.

There are many models to choose from, among the best beard trimmers, and there’s plenty of research available on the web.

Know these things when purchasing

– What are the features and accessories that come with the model, such as a carrying case?

– Do you have to plug it in or is it cordless? Cordless models are typically the most expensive, but there’s a lot to be said for the added convenience.

– Is it battery operated or rechargeable?

– How much does it cost? Just keep in mind that, as with anything, more money doesn’t always translate to more quality.

Once you have made your purchase and have that trusty little appliance in hand, you’ll want to…

Consider these useful tips

If you want to keep a simple, clean 5 o’clock shadow, simply remove the guard from your trimmer and shave from the ear down. This will leave a short, the even shadow around your chin. But you’ll need to do daily maintenance to clean up that chin strap.

  1. For a longer beard, keeping it even is the key to keeping it neat. There are adjustable settings or guards on your trimmer that will keep your beard trimmed to just your preferred length.
  2. On a side note, to keep your beard softer and easier to shave, use shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis. There are cordless models available for wet trimming that you can use in the shower, but keep in mind that presents the added challenge of using a mirror in the shower.
  3. When using the beard trimmer, hold it at a consistent angle to your skin, then use long, smooth strokes. Start at the edge of your beard, just below the ear and work across your face.
  4. Don’t be a pig, even if you live alone. Have a wastebasket or a towel handy to catch the trimmings.
  5. Shave any areas where you don’t want hair and clean along your neckline with a traditional razor. That will help to define better the areas you need to trim.
  6. Keep your beard trimmer in good working order by oiling it regularly and brushing the hair out of the tips.
  7. Using your beard trimmer when it’s not fully charged can cause discomfort and irritate your skin. So take care to follow the instructions when caring for your trimmer and your face.