Practical Tips For Buying A Mig Welder



Types of Welding Machines

One of the most popular welders is an MIG welder. The Mig Welder uses Gas Metal Arc Welding which works by a wire which is fed through a welding gun. The wire is the electrode. At this instant, shielding gas flows through which protects the weld while it is setting and cooling down.
For this type of welding, carbon dioxide is most commonly used, one because it is the cheapest and two because it makes the great weld. Argon is also used because it makes a great mixture of carbon dioxide. This creates less “spatter” which in turn makes the weld cleaner. Using argon has alone will create the best weld with aluminum.

Over other processes of welding, the GMAW method has many advantages such as the welding gun itself which has a control on the trigger which will position the electrode without accidentally hitting one of the arcs. Once you have positioned the gun in the right place, all that left to do is put your helmet on and pull the trigger.

To make the welds smooth and clean use the inert shielding gasses, and there is normally no slag to chip off. Thinner metals and weld sheet metal suit best mig welder, because they can be welded at a much lower amp than other welders. MIG welders strike the welding arc using DC. Alternating current usually doesn’t give you a steady arc when welding.

The tensioner on the wire is variable, and you can also control the flow of the gas with a valve. Also adjusting the voltage of the MIG welder as well as the power as the wire feeds through is very useful for creating clean welds.

You can use a MIG welder without shielding gas, and this is called flux cored arc welding, FCAW. There is an option of switching the polarity of the arc for the flux cored wire. The process requires that the wire has a hollow core filled with flux for better effectiveness.

How To Use A Mig Welder

The first thing you need to do is purchase an MIG welder and the proper gear. Mig welding is probably one of the easiest types of welding to learn, but you should practice on scrap metal before working on your favorite project.
Always purchase the proper safety gear. At the top of the list, should be a welding helmet. I would recommend an auto darkening welding helmet, which is battery operated. You also need to cover your whole body with proper clothing and gloves because the welder will give off sparks that can burn your skin.

Next, pick a suitable location to start welding. A large concrete work floor, such as your driveway, is always a good place. Remember that using a welder always has a fire hazard because the sparks it gives off generate heat, so keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher nearby at all times.

Now you are ready to start operating the MIG welder. There are three main things you need to consider. These are the tip voltage, feed rate and how fast you move the tip. How you adjust these three factors will determine how good the weld is.

The voltage controls the penetration, while the feed rate of the wire will adjust the arc length and the speed at which you move the tip controls the transfer of metal to your work area. If the voltage is lowered, the weld will sit on top and too high will result in just creating a hole. This is why you need to practice, to get a good feel for it.

Now you need to find a good speed to move the tip. If the tip moves too fast, you will hear loud popping noises and lose the arc. If you move it too slow, the tip might melt and fuse to your work, which is a real hassle. Again, practice is critical, and it is not that hard after a few tries.

Now that you have experimented and found the correct voltage and feed rate and you feel comfortable using the MIG welder, it is time to start on the real thing. Remember that the key is to keep the tip moving consistently. You can view more on different sites. At first, it will seem a bit tricky, but after a while, you will be welding all kinds of things.

Picking A Turntable That Won’t Spoil Your Records


Many record enthusiasts who still use turntables to enjoy their music are turning to the Internet when shopping for a turntable belt and other turntable parts. There are lots more options for people when it comes to how they will listen to music than there were in the past, but that has not eliminated the love for the record. Vinyl is so popular that many famous artists continue to make releases in this format, despite the fact that they also sell digital and CD versions of their albums. One problem, though, is that finding important parts for turntables is harder now because there is less of a need for them; the Internet, however, is a good resource.

Let us look at the features and functions of some of the popular USB turntables in the market today, as described by a resource such as

USB Turntable w/ iPod Dock

This turntable allows the transfer of LP records directly to an iPod even without using a computer. This is quite easy with the built-in iPod dock of the unit. Just plug the iPod into its specific slot and play the vinyl of your choice and then press the record button.

Though it is designed for iPod connectivity, it can also be used alternatively with a computer. The Gracenote software is included for creating your playlist for playback. This can also be hooked up to any sound system and directly play your favorite LP. This device is Plug and Play compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. It comes with complete cables for computer and stereo component connection.

Stanton T90 USB Turntable

The Stanton T90 is one of the most full-featured among the turntables in the market. It is most favored by DJs who are searching for the best in quality audio. One of the features of the Stanton T90 is the software included. It is easy to use and can produce the best output quality.

Comparing to its predecessors, this turntable has the most feature which makes it an outstanding product for the professional audio system. The T90 model has a well-designed selector switch with a start and stops brakes. You can also control the speed of any song without affecting the pitch quality. The back portion consists of an RCA port, SPDIF coaxial port, on/off switch and the USB port for connectivity.

Regarding performance, the T90 turntable outperforms other models. The most significant in its performance is the sound quality it produces. The built-in audio card with the device is capable of recording with 16 bit at a quality of 44 kHz which can be increased to 48 kHz.

Since the Stanton T90 can be used for playback and recording, you can immediately play any of your digitized audio and know the results. A great advantage of this turntable is it can simultaneously mix any audio compilation from your computer and the turntable audio using the same output. This means you can combine analog and digital audio into one.

Regarding its design, this turntable has a sleek design with all its components placed in an ideal locations. The chassis of the turntable is made up of high-quality plastic. This is lighter than other models.