Awesome Meat Grinder Recipes To Know


Meat is one of the basic components in a man’s diet today. From fast food to home-made, it finds its place everywhere. Fast food companies offer a lot of tasty options with their variety of burgers and sandwiches that involve meat. It can be grilled, fried or roasted. It can find its place between burger buns or sandwich bread. But all that matters the most is taste.

It is not that only fast food companies can make tasty meat recipes. Taking a cue from, we discuss the tasty recipes that can be made at home by grinding the meat in a few easy steps.


The delicious recipe all the way from the sub-continent makes to the top of our ground meat recipes. Its easy recipe is simply grinding the meat, mixing it the with different spices and ground pulses and raw cooking it. This combination of meat and pulse is one treat for the taste buds for sure. The choice of spices depends upon your choice and availability. Now only thing you need to do is either fry or freeze for a later use. The best thing about kebabs is that you can eat them with rice, bread or with anything or simply without anything. Sounds great.

Grinded meat curry

Another source of pleasure with a sub-continent origin. To prepare, take grinded meat and simply cook it just like any other curry. Feel free to add a vegetable or two of your choice. Or you can also add pulses in solid form. The combination of both vegetables and pulses is also delicious. But make sure not to over load it. The only thing it will do is increase the taste of the dish by volumes. It is mostly eaten with flour bread.

Mashed potatoes

This recipe is a special treat. A lot of restaurants use this secret recipe. Not a meat recipe but a meat grinder recipe for sure. When you run potatoes through a meat grinder, it cuts them real fine making a mash that has little potatoes in it. Cooking it with heavy cream and unsalted butter while keeping the spices mild, gives you a finger licking surprise. Apart from its taste, it is a low budget, high profile recipe as well. So you can make it repeatedly without the need to worry about your budget.

Beef and pineapple tacos

This is probably one of the most flexible ground meat recipes, you will ever find. Grind the meat of your choice. You could also use mangoes in place of pineapples as the second ingredient. To add more flexibility, you can add fine pieces of salad items. Simply fill all this in tacos and you are ready to have a good taste experience.


This is probably the most straight forward use of ground meat. But this effortless recipe is not tasteless for sure. Simply make balls of ground meat and deep fry. Alternatively, they can also be cooked in to make a curry with long gravy.