How To Use A Weed Eater Properly

weed eater

A weed eater, also known as a string trimmer is one of the tools that a garden or a farm owner can use to get rid of all the weeds in his/her garden, giving it a more refined and attractive look. The tool is also effective according to since it is easy to handle and you can use it to get rid of weeds under small trees and shrubs. However, you should be careful while using these tool as you might end up injuring yourself or even trimming your garden the wrong way, giving it an undesirable look.

Preparing for weed eating

As you get ready for weed eating, it is essential to take all the precautionary measures to ensure that you don’t get injured while trimming. This includes wearing safety glasses to protect your eyes against sticks, dust particles and small stones that may be thrown at your face by the weed eater while trimming. You may also need to have a long sleeved shirt or an apron and some gloves on to protect your hands.

While preparing to start weed eating, you should also ensure that the area that you are planning to trim is not rocky to protect yourself and also this tool as stones can cause a great damage on it. Small stones also need to be taken out before you start to trim to ensure that you don’t get hurt by them as they can be thrown right at you by the weed eater. Your tool also needs to have the right size of a string as many people tend to trim the wrong way, as a result of having a big string on their weed eaters.

The trimming technique

Trimming using a weed eater is a very simple process but doing it like a pro to have the desired output, is harder than it may seem and requires the best weed eaters. This is because it requires an in-depth understanding of how a trimmer works and hence enabling you to do it very easily. With a trimmer that goes in the anti-clockwise direction, the materials will be ejected on the left side, enabling you to have a nice cut from the right side. You positioning while using this tool should, therefore, be on the right side of your work to ensure that you don’t get waste thrown on the trimmed area. This is because if you throw unnecessary materials in the area that you are trimming, your machine might become ineffective due to being overworked.

Trimming also requires a tight grip over the machine using both hands to ensure that you can easily control the machine. This also helps you to angle the weed eater in a way that does not brush off the ground while trimming to avoid destroying your garden or tool. This is mostly very important while trimming your grass to achieve an even look. It is also god to concentrate on cutting the tips of weeds as it is easier and fast using an electric or a gas trimmer. Additionally, climbers require being approached in an edge angle using your weed eater as they can get tied up on the machine, causing it to break down.

Tips To Ride And Repair A Fixed Gear Bike



There are a lot of things that people can do with a fixed gear bike. For one, most mailman and newspaper boys use this, because it doesn’t require a lot of mechanical parts and maintenance. If you are going to use this, you don’t have to worry too much about repairs. Unlike normal bikes, this type doesn’t have a freewheel mechanism. Therefore, it’s easier to maneuver it in any direction. When the bike is moving, it will follow that the pedal will also be in motion. Take note that most bicycles can be converted to best fixed gear bikes. Fixed gear bikes are quite hard to use, so, to help you, here are some tips on how to use them.

• You should know that when it is your first time using and riding this kind of bicycle, it will take some time to adjust. Unlike the usual types that you frequently use, this is actually more simple, because then, you don’t have to worry about gears and brakes. When you drive it, everything is in your control. It would be best if you can practice using it for the time being before going on long bike rides.

• This type of bike only moves when the pedal is manipulated. It means that if you are going to go through steep tracks, you have to give a lot of effort when pedaling. This is a good way to develop muscle strength, and it will serve as a convenient method in exercising.

• It is advisable to use foot straps to keep your feet in the pedal, especially if you are a beginner. Since fixed gear bikes depend on the user’s pedaling, it is really important that your feet are secured well. However, if you are already an expert in maneuvering your bike, you don’t need to use foot straps.

• A lot of people in the city prefer to use this type of transportation, because they can easily go through the traffic, allowing them to move from one place to another faster and quicker. It also has a classic look because it doesn’t involve brakes. All you have to do is use your legs to make your bike stop.

• Some cities don’t allow people to use fixed gear bikes, because they don’t have brakes. These things are prone to accidents, and it’s something that people want to avoid. Before buying your bikes, first find out if they allow it in your locality. That way, you can keep yourself from any trouble.

• Before going out on the streets, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the bike. Try to get used to it by constantly practicing driving it around. This is very important, especially if you are used to driving those cycles with brakes.

Driving fixed gear bikes could be fun, especially if you live in a busy city. One advantage of this cycle is that you will be able to go to different places despite the traffic. Just make sure that you know how to use it properly, so that you won’t encounter any problems and accidents!

Bluetooth Speaker Showdown: Know Who Came Out Tops!


Some years ago, no one could anticipate that convenient speakers will come standard with little, tinny speakers, poor battery life, and awkward 30-pin docking ports. Thankfully, significantly more can be anticipated from today’s convenient speakers, which all pack an astounding punch for their little size, have a base six-hour battery life, and come outfitted with both vigorous Bluetooth 3.0 (some of this rundown even have 4.0) network and an Auxiliary 3.5 mm jack to associate more established gadgets.

There is a lot on the net on the speakers at but here is a list of some latest and top Bluetooth speakers

Bose Sound Link Mini 2:

Bose is a name best known for its high-devotion sound, which is a component they figure out how to convey in the successor of their fiercely famous Bose SoundLink Mini, the Bose SoundLink Mini 2. It is a weighty 1.5 pounds, which gives it a pleasant weight to oppose vibration. Size-wise, it comes in at about the center of the rundown at 2.3 x 7.1 x 2 inches. With respect to sound, it conveys a staggering recurrence reaction, offering rich bass tones and fresh high closures that must really be knowledgeable about the individual.

Price: $199.00


§ Durable aluminum enclosure

§ Amazing frequency response

§ Reaches a high volume

Logitech Ultimate Ears Mini Boom:

The UE Mini Boom is an astounding choice to consider. At just $79.99, it offers a superior sound than most speakers in its value range, however, its two 1.5-creep full range drivers do have a remarkably littler recurrence reaction than those in the SoundLink Mini. The Mini Boom measures at 3.9 x 3.3 x 6.3 creeps and measures a sensible 9.6 ounces on account of its hard plastic packaging. It likewise holds an astounding 10 hour battery life, and yes, it can be charged by means of Micro USB.

Price: $79.99


§ Reaches a high volume

§ Great sound for the price

§ Lightweight but durable

Jawbone Mini Jambox:

At the point when most speakers go as little as Jawbone’s Mini Jambox, very little can be normal for their sound. Be that as it may, Jawbone, one of the first pioneers of Bluetooth speakers, remains a top contender for convenient and moderate speakers while as yet keeping up profound and completely clear stable.

Its size is a great 6.6 x 1.6 x 5.4 creeps and measures the lightest 9.1 ounces (tied with the OontZ Angle) even with an anodized aluminum case. The Jawbone likewise looks incredible, with 9 changed hues and 5 diverse outline alternatives.

Price: $103.95


§ Faster pairing with Bluetooth 4.0

§ One of the lightest and most portable

§ Connects with 2 devices simultaneously

Grain Audio PWS.01:

In spite of the fact that it comes at a premium value, Grain Audio’s PWS.01 is a standout amongst the most stunningly delightful Bluetooth speakers accessible. Its FSC Certified walnut with hand-connected oil complete makes this powerful 1.5 pound speaker an enjoyment to hold, and I regularly wind up getting the specimen unit I was offered just to respect these qualities. At 7 x 2.5 x 3 inches, it is not taking size, but rather its elaborate wooden completion and exquisite metal grille make it a lovely expansion to any room you bring it to.

Price: $249.99


§ Beautiful, authentic walnut paneling

§ Amazing frequency response

§ Distortion-free loudness at max volume

TDK Life on Record TREK Max A34:

Toward the end of last year, TDK reintroduced their new, enhanced model of their fiercely fruitful A33 speaker from 2012. The TREX Max A34 proceeds with TDK’s push to improve a, more weatherproof speaker, keeping in mind massive, is a strong pick for outside use. This is the biggest speaker on the rundown, with measurements of 11.8 x 5.1 x 5.2 inches and a weight of 3.6 pounds.

Price: $129.99


§ Weatherproofed for outdoor use

§ Charge out port

§ Reaches high volume