Why Keeping Cold Beverages In A Drink Cooler Is A Good Idea

chiller is a good idea

Who does not like a refreshing cool drink in the hot summer months? However, you may not have the luxury of having the same cool drink at home. This is for the simple reason that your drink might have warmed up to room temperature. Of course, you have the option to refrigerate the drink and have it cold. It may take some time for a drink at room temperature to cool down to a refreshing level in a refrigerator. You can keep it in the freezer. However, you run the risk of freezing the drink to uncomfortable levels. You may have to wait agonizingly for the drink to warm up.  Thus, do you have an option now?

The Option

You can use drink coolers or rapid chillers to cool down your cold drinks. We shall now see why keeping your cold beverage in a drink cooler is a good idea. We shall now see how a drink cooler or a rapid chiller works. The rapid chillers are small contraptions that you can carry anywhere with you. It is a very efficient way to cool your drinks. Infact there is a lot that is written about drink coolers on different sites as Coolmydrinks.com. It does not take much time to assemble one either.

Use of chillers

The main job of your refrigerator is to keep your vegetables, fruits and other food material fresh and chilled. You should use a chiller with a smaller area for keeping your cold beverages. In that way, you would keep them cold for a longer period.

The Mechanics of a rapid chiller

The chillers or the drink coolers work on the principles of thermal transfer. In the case of a cooler, you will find cool water passing over the beverage bottle even as the roller spins the container. This ensures that the water in contact with the beverage bottle being colder than the surface. This will result in the transfer of heat from the beverage onto the water. The water that passes over the bottle becomes warm and thus you have to recycle it. You recycle the same in a compartment filled with ice. You have to repeat the entire process again. You can use an electric motor for cooling the drink evenly.

Advantages of using a rapid chiller

You can use the rapid chiller to keep your beverages cold during the hot summer months. The biggest advantage of this chiller is that you can cool down the drinks in a faster method as compared to refrigerating them. You will be surprised to know that you will take about six minutes to chill a beverage bottle. You can also keep your cold beverages in such a chiller. They remain cold for a longer time.

The other advantage of this chiller system is that this system works instantaneously. You need not keep your guests waiting for their cool drinks. You can just cool down any drink from the uncomfortable room temperature to a refreshingly cool temperature within a matter of minutes.


The best way to drink a cool drink is to drink it cold. Instead of waiting for the refrigerator to cool it, you can very well use the rapid chillers to cool down your beverages to a comfortable level.