Reviewing The Top Bookshelf Speakers In The Market Today


While in pursuit of superior audio, we are sometimes limited to large and powerful music systems that are unsuitable if there isn’t enough space or the décor will be obstructed.Bookshelf speakers are what you need as they are small, portable, light and have superior sound quality; and can be placed anywhere without the need to replace the entire music system. Check for compatibility with your stereo system ( you can also check for best bookshelf speakers online) and voila! Your own mini-theater.

Elac Debut B6 loudspeakers

The Elac Jim speakers are known for their sound quality. Specially designed by Andrew Jones (Hello!), these speakers are bespoke and made to give high-quality sound. Its main features include a 25mm soft dome tweeter, Quoted sensitivity of about 87dB/1W/1m, and 165mm mid/bass driver.
• Small budget for small scale shoppers.
• Small and light for easy of carriage.
• High sound quality.
• Larger than regular bookshelves.
These speakers are perfect for your audio needs. They provide customized sound and they are easy on the pocket too.

LibratoneZipp&Zipp Mini Portable Wi-Fi Speakers

These are perfect for you if you are tech savvy as they can be connected via Bluetooth and internet radio. They are multi-room speakers for the whole home, and separate stations can be heard in each room! They are also relatively safe if you are concerned about visible wires.
• Very attractive
• Blue-tooth and Wi-Fi connection
• Not bulky
• Easy to use
• Flexible
• Self-powered through a built-in battery (10 hours of playback)
• 360◦ sound
• Not easily compatible with other models
These speakers are top-notch, very stylish and affordable. This device is great if you are looking for flexible audio experiences, and speakers matching your décor as they come with customized covers.


The sound quality is surprisingly robust, with precisely defined sound and a well-balanced bass, leading to evenly distributed music to any part of the room/house.
• Good surround-sound and sound imaging
• Enhanced bass
• Medium-sized
• Moderately expensive
• Low sensitivity
I would recommend KEF Q300B speaker to anyone looking to experience music in tis purest’ form as the sound quality is top-notch.
Dali – zensor 1
If you are looking for classic speakers that complement your decor, these are just for you. They provide versatility and energy, and they last for long too!
• Beautiful exterior
• Balanced sound
• Very responsive
• Cheap
• Smaller and lighter
• Compatible with other brands
• They are not as advanced as current top-notch speakers
If you are looking to experience an older version of music along with a classic style looking speaker, then this is for you. It’s performance is still very good.

GoldenEar Aon

If you are looking for something different in terms of shape, this best suits you. They are not boxy’ as the regular speaker, and they are efficient as well.
• Very small and portable
• Excellent sound quality
• Good finish
• Unique shape
• Unsuitable for certain sounds
• Easily opened
• Too expensive
If you are into heavier’ music such as contemporary rock, urban and dance, you might want to avoid these speakers. Performance for other sounds is generally okay.

The options for bookshelf speakers are limitless, and choice is based on specific requirements depending on the space. You might want to consider m audio bookshelf speakers for your requirements. This largely influences the speaker specifications. Your budget also largely influences what you pick. The bottom line is that you should define what you want based on what works for you, as not what suits the needs of one person may necessarily suit yours.