Which Scanners Are Available At Neat.Com?

neat scanner reviews

With the recent technological developments, we are headed to a paperless economy. Most hard copy files need to be converted to a digital form for easy access and worldwide online use. Once the documents are in digital data, they can be used on cloud software services among other websites. Data management becomes easy when in digital format. This has been achieved by use of scanners. One of the most reputable companies that manufacture high quality scanner is Neat (founded 2002). Neat offers document scanning services. This transforms the way we handle and organize our files. These scanners are capable of capturing data from anywhere at any time. They are widely used in today’s data management. For more details log onto scanningthings.comNeat has three major popular scanners:

Neat Receipts Scanner

This is a portable scanner with which your files are organized into a useful digital form. It is convenient since it doesn’t require a power source. It is USB powered. It is a one-side scanner that is capable of scanning 4 receipts per minute. It can scan colored, black and white or grey receipts. The scanner is calibrated and supports TWAIN and WIA format. It is based on Optical character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Text Recognition (ITR) with 600 dpi resolution. The scanner requires internet connection and a supported browser. Supports images in JPEG, PDF and other popular formats. Capable of reading U.S. and Canadian business cards and receipts. Android and IOS mobile applications are also available. It can send data to H&R Block, Quick Books, Turbo Tax, Excel, Outlook and many more. This software can be supported in Microsoft windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.8 or their advanced versions.

Neat Desktop Scanner

It is fast in turning paper piles into organized digital data. It is also calibrated and AC powered (Comes with adapter). Without paper tray, it has a capacity of 50 letter size documents and uses ITR and OCR technology just as the Receipt Scanner. It scans white & black, gray and colored papers. It is both single and double sided scanner. It has 8.5” x 11″ maximum scan area. It also supports TWAIN and WIA format. Just like the Neat Receipt Scanner the desktop scanner require an internet connection with a supported web browser. Supports images in JPEG, PDF and other formats. It reads U.S. and Canadian business cards and receipts. It is capable of sending data to H&R Block, Quick Books, Turbo Tax, Excel, Outlook and many more.

Neat Connect Scanner

It converts files into digital form and sends them to emails and cloud internet services. It can read Canadian and U.S. business cards and receipts. Has a touch screen display and WI-Fi antenna (WLAN compatible). It is a one or two sided scanner. Scans in colored or black & white. Feeding of documents is automatic and supports WEP, WPA/WPA2 bands. It is capable of scanning 24 pages in one minute. The maximums scan area and without tray capacity is the same as the Desktop Scanner. It has a 600 dpi resolution. Image formats supported include JPEG, PDF among other popular formats. To install this system you need a Mac OS X 10.8 or their improved versions. In addition it supports Microsoft windows 7 or later versions.

The above scanner is a smart collection for anybody interested in efficient data management. You should free your office from piles of papers and documents by considering Neat Scanners. The scanners are worth the cost. For more details on click on neat scanner reviews.