3 Best Bluetooth Lights Reviewed

bluetooth bulb

A light switch enabled with Bluetooth allows you to reduce the consumption of energy and be more economical in your use of home appliances. The home automation market is taking off, and it is hard for you to get the best Bluetooth lightswitch that meets your needs. However, the bluetooth light switch reviews in this article will exclusively explore on 3 best Bluetooth lightswitch on the market.

Magiclight Bluetooth smart LED light bulb

It has over 16 million colors that allow you to personalize your lighting so that you can suit your needs. You can also dim any color that you select because it comes with cool and warm color settings. The accompanying application enables easy control of lighting from your smartphone. Besides, you can schedule when you want to switch on or off the light. You can set the lighting to come on at any point in time without lifting your finger. When it comes to setting up the light bulb, no complicated installation procedures needed. This Bluetooth light switch allows you to install it with ease because it has a low-profile design.

The energy consumption of this Bluetooth light switch is similar to that of a 60W incandescent bulb. As a result, it enables you to save energy because its consumption is very small and has a lifetime of 20,000 hours. The bulb produces less heat, making you maintain the temperature you are used to. Additionally, it can work with any of your devices as long as it is either Android or iOS. All needed is to install the application on your device and choose the right settings that suit your needs without going to the wall switch.

InaRock Bluetooth smart LED light bulb

InaRock Bluetooth smart LED light bulb is easy to install and simple to use. From your smartphone, you can control the lighting and discover that it is quite significant due to an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker that allows you to connect to your smartphone. You can use the inbuilt Bluetooth speaker to play music with a decent sound. It comes with a user manual and a remote control. Besides, you can use it in many areas such as hotels, homes, or office buildings. The bulb can suit in any standard socket because it is well built. Additionally, this bulb can be paired with any other Bluetooth device according to HomeAutomationJudge. However, InaRock Bluetooth smart LED light bulb is an amazing device that allows you to enjoy music as well as efficient lighting.

Flux Bluetooth smart LED light bulb

The installation of this device is seamless and easy to set up. After installing the Flux Bluetooth smart LED light bulb, you can control it using your smartphone and offers efficient energy saving LED lights. It comes with an application that allows easy control of a bulb or a group of bulbs through an Android or iOS device. You can also schedule the bulb to come on at a planned period and play music from the application. Besides, you can switch the lighting to different colors through your smartphone until you get to your favorite.