Are Lederhosen For Men And Women?


What is Lederhosen costume?

Lederhosen are unique costumes made of leather. It was designed with an aim of being worn during hard physical work. They are made of durable and tough material which is very easy to clean. Nowadays lederhosen are worn for leisure. This garment is considered among the best traditional German costume at it can be bought on Wiesn-shop. This costume was considered more popular amount Bavaria and Germans traditions during past centuries.

Who wears lederhosen costume?

For many past years this unique garment has been worn by males only. Recently, women have started embracing this new fashion of lederhosen pants. In recent past female used to wear dirndl, the counter part of lederhosen but this culture has ended up nowadays. The world well known Munich Oktoberfest is more preferred by most women recently as compared to the old dirndl.

Girls in Lederhosen

The latest lederhosen for female are designed very beautifully and more women have embraced it as any other costume in fashion. The lederhosen pant for girls has very special qualities that have enabled it to be loved by its fans.

Lederhosen female design

Just like men lederhosen pant, the girls’ lederhosen is designed with a strong hard leather fabric which is easy to clean. Female lederhosen have been improved by adding female features to its design and making them with different colors. This new look of lederhosen Oktoberfest costume is worn by girls during Germany October traditional festivals or any other important ceremony.

Both traditional and modern design

The lederhosen for girls have overall appearance like that of male. However, the designer has ensured that taste and figure for women are adjusted. The lederhosen have been cut to perfectly fit woman body just like men. The both lederhosen for men and women maintain the German trademark flap in the front part.

Feminine touch lederhosen costume

The lederhosen garment has particular features apart from sexy female cut to fit female body. It is made with different coloration which is attractive to most women. These designs come with embroideries in colors just chosen for the girls lederhosen such as purple, red and pink. These colors are typically loved by women and look sexy when women wear them.

Unique choice of Lederhosen Oktoberfest

Just a few years ago, it was unimaginable a woman wearing lederhosen but now that myth is no more today. Most women look more stunning and sexy when wearing lederhosen pants as compared to the famous classical dirndl.

When a woman wears lederhosen Oktoberfest garment, most men considers the outfit perfect and sexy. This looks comes out after designer makes a sexy cut of lederhosen Oktoberfest and add unique colors which makes every woman young and more beautiful. To learn more about women German costumes, visit some of official Bavarian websites.


Lederhosen attire is today a fashionable design for both male and female. Both lederhosen costumes have been found to almost identical looks. The German trademark in the front for both male and female pants has proven that lederhosen are lederhosen no matter which gender is wearing it.

Although women know that lederhosen were traditional outfit they have embraced it as a new fashion and they know they look beautiful when wearing it.