Make Your Old Porch As Good As New

How to renew porch

Due to constant exposure and harsh weather conditions, even the sturdiest porch can sustain damages by way of fading, cracks and peeling. In addition to giving an unsightly appearance, cracked or worn out porches can harm you severely. 3js Handy Man can help you to solve thes problems.

While you have the option to buy a new porch, you may dent your wallet on owning a new porch. In such a situation, fixing the cracks or warps turn out to be an affordable option. If you are wondering how to make your old porch as good as new, follow the below steps and you could transform your worn out porch into a completely new piece.

Replace full planks

Since patching may give unappealing looks from one plank to another, it is best to replace the full planks. Begin by setting the saw blades to the correct width of the board that needs replacement. This will also ensure that the joists underneath the planks are not damaged.

Saw and cut the boards

Saw the boards (that need replacement) lengthwise. Cut the boards through the middle and split them cautiously. This will avoid any injuries resulting from nails beneath the boards.

Pry the old deck

Use a pry bar and hammer to pry the old deck. Make sure you have chisel for prying tough boards. When you are done with one board, move onto the next one.

Get matching new boards for the porch

Since you might have bought your existing porch years ago, the wood of the boards would have been milled long ago. As such, finding new boards matching your old ones could be a difficult task. In case you are unable to find perfect matching boards, you may take the help of a carpenter to mill the new boards to match them with old boards.

Prime the new boards

To protect the board from moisture and humidity, prime the new boards on the bottom and sides using a quality oil-based primer. Besides this, apply a thick layer of polyurethane adhesive on joists to provide additional strength. Now put the new board against the old board and fasten it to joists using screws or nails.

Fix and fasten the wood board

Pound the nails beneath the face of the wood. Fill up the small space with quality wood putty; scrape it flat and allow it to dry properly.

Sand the new section

Sand the new section using increasing grits of sandpaper to even out imperfections and blemishes in the new wood. You may want to use power sanders that work best for big areas. While sanding the edges of the boards, pay due attention to eradicate potential splinters.

Seal up the newly repaired porch

Finally paint the surface of the porch with your favorite paint. You may also opt for sealers to seal up the porch. Now your old porch has become new, and you don’t have to worry about any kind of trip dangers for many years to come.

Bottom line

Repairing a front porch Atlanta can be a chore. However, you could easily get through this chore by acting diligently. Simply stick to the above tips on how to make your old porch as good as new, and you could be able to transform an old and worn out porch into a new one.