Shaving Like A Gentleman Using A Straight Razor

Shaving with a straight razor

Recent trends have seen men going back to straight razors for shaving. Although may be seen as a backward trend, there are a lot of benefits and that’s why men prefer the straight razors. Some of the reasons why should use the razors are:

  1. Minimal skin irritation. This may be the opposite of your expectation but it is the truth. The blade is so sharp and as such the number of passes on your skin is so minimal during a complete shave. As such the chances of getting skin irritation is low.
  2. Low risk of hurting yourself. When used correctly, the razor cannot hurt you. You just need to drag the razor vertically and you are secure with n fears of having cuts on your skin.
  3. The razors give you a close shave. The sharpness of these razors is the best among the alternatives for your shaving. The results are thus amazing and you get this smooth baby face you have always dreamed of.

Due to the highlighted benefits of using straight razors, the question is ‘How a real gentleman shaves (using a straight razor) ’. LuxuryShaves has compiled the answers to your nagging questions for you to have the best experience;

How to shave using a straight razor?

Get a sharp razor. Most people’s perception is that sharper blades result to more cuts, this is not the case. A blade that is not sharp is the one that is most likely to hurt you. This is because there will be a lot of snags on your beard which if you are not keen on controlling will lead to cuts and nicks.

Strop your blade at the edges. This demands that you buy a strop; made up of a canvas and a strip of leather which is double-sided. The blade is run forward and backwards on the strop to make a full lap. As such, 20 to 30 laps are required whereby the canvass side precedes the laps on the leather side. Stropping is very important as it helps in restoration of the edges in between shaves as well as getting rid of the residue that might stick on the blades.

Take a shower to open skin pores. Very important and remember to have a shaving cream or soap when having this shave but don’t be misguided to use the conventional gels or shaving foams that are used with disposable razors. This is because such gels don’t provide any protection to your skin when using a straight razor and you might get irritation. The choice of shaving creams is mostly based on personal preferences but as you continue using the straight razor, you shall get what suits you best.

You need a shaving brush. Soak your brush in hot water and shake off the excess after which you add a small spot of shaving cream on it. Scrub your face gently using this brush until neck and face regions have a coating that is consistent.

Ready for the shave. Pull your skin tightly using one hand while the other one holds the razor and have a downwards shave on your skin. Always make sure you hold the skin tightly during each stroke to avoid cuts. Make sure your razor is at approximately 30 degrees or lower from your face during the exercise.

Learning the process

You might realize that you have left out some parts during the exercise when you are a learner. You can use a disposable razor to complete the exercise during the first days but you shall have complete shaves as days go by. Repeat the exercise in reverse direction, upward strokes and remember to hold the skin tightly. Once you are through, clean the blade and dry it using a towel and allow it to dry for some minutes.

Try the above procedure and you are guaranteed of success in using the straight razor and get the gentleman shave.

Learning how to use these razors is not an overnight job, but with patience, you surely get that smooth shave that others envy.